Painting is my hobby. I have done so many of them, but right now i could post only few. All who love paintings..... just have a look at these. Lots more to be posted every month......

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16 Responses
  1. Rachel Says:

    awesome painting especially the parakeets...are all those oil or acrylics?

  2. AnuSriram Says:

    Thanks rachel for your comments! These are acrylic paintings.

  3. Mansi Desai Says:

    Ok!! you you are a very talented artist!! And to think you complimented me on my Clicks with Eggs!! I am obliged!!:) love your paintings...amazing! thanks for linking to me, I'm adding you to my Fun section too:)

    don't knw if you ahve time or availability, but I'm hosting AFAM-Peach event on my blog this month, and would be glad if you could send in an entry!

  4. bicks Says:

    very nice paintings anu and nice recipes specially dates cookies and brussel sprout curry.

  5. Dershana Says:

    hey anu, very nice paintings! i especially like the first one with those houses.

  6. Sanghi Says:

    Lovely art..! Excellent detailing and selection of colours. the sceneries and the fruits basket is amazing..! Do check my art blog too..!:)

  7. TBC Says:

    You are so talented! Lovely paintings! The first one is especially beautiful.:)

  8. DailyDiva Says:

    Amazing, love the last painting! Simple & Classic!

  9. Anu these paintings r lovely. Why don't u give a few tips or a tutorial to painting with acrylics. It is an absolutely new medium to me. Have tried water and oil but not able to actually settle down with acrylics. What is the medium that you use. Would be glad to get a few tips on getting started with acrylics. Once again ur works r amazing.

  10. Vrinda Says:

    Great paintings Anu..i too like painting..well done

  11. Mangala Bhat Says:

    Awsome dear ..hats off to uuuu

  12. Rashmi Says:

    Hi Anu,

    You have got a lovely collection of paintings in your album.

    Good Luck

  13. Charitha Says:

    You are an awesome painter..they are beautiful..i dnt have words to say..
    join me

  14. Jinny Says: the one with the fruits.

  15. Jinny Says: the one with the fruits.

  16. Maria Says:

    Wonderful paintings.. Please continue to do them. Are they for sale?