Since, Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi announced this month's theme for Click, the photography event, my mind was constantly thinking of what to click. Pots!.. Pans!... Bake ware!... Spoons?? Mmmm.... Aluminium foil, right! Will that foil work out? Can i click it just like that? Does that make sense? Was thinking for almost a week of what to do with these foils. Today, got this idea of making a rose out of it. Hope its not a bad idea and you all like it! Dedicating this rose to those who love cooking. It signifies Love, Patience, Care and Creativity of all those who make Every meal, a Happy Meal.

All the things captured in my Click are Metals. The stem of the rose is also an aluminium string.

Three things i focused in my click:
  • Pen - For making a grocery shopping list
  • Watch - For cooking and serving on time
  • Foil rose - A creativity out of my choice of metal

This photo below is my entry for the Click: Metal event. Bee and Jai, i am sending it right away to you. Hope you accept this!

23 Responses
  1. Kalai Says:

    Nice entry for click! :)

  2. Hima Says:

    That is a neat idea!!

  3. Namratha Says:

    That is so creative...good one!

  4. Uma Says:

    lovely entry, looks good.

  5. Mansi Desai Says:

    looks like you had fun clicking Anu:) that's great!

  6. Divya Vikram Says:

    ur click looks great..a different one

  7. Divya Vikram Says:

    ur click looks great..a different one

  8. LG Says:

    Nice entry for CLICK..

  9. Fantastic creative ... great click....

  10. Vanamala Says:

    Hey nice idea :) ...

  11. easycrafts Says:

    Nice click for the event

  12. Anonymous Says:

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  13. Sagari Says:

    beautiful click anu

  14. AnuSriram Says:

    Thank you Kalai, Hima, Namratha, Uma, Dhivya, Mansi desai, Divya vikram, Nags, Purnima, Lg, Srikar's kitchen, Vanamala, Meera, Easycrafts and Sagari for all your valuable comments... You are always encouraging!

  15. Archy Says:

    Wow,.. nice entry anu !!

  16. Webcam Says:
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  17. Vanamala Says:

    Hi anu

    i have something for u on my blog do check out.

  18. Reemas Says:

    I liked the hanging clock.