I remembered my mom's recipe when i saw these green tomatoes in the grocery stores recently. An easy and delicious recipe to try. Hmmm... the taste was perfect!

  • Green Tomatoes - 3 chopped
  • Onion - 1 medium size finely chopped
  • Moong Dhal - 1/4 cup
  • Masoor Dhal - 1/4 cup
  • Green Chillies - 4 or 5
  • Curry Leaves - few
  • Coconut - 1/4 cup
  • Turmeric powder - a pinch
  • Salt - as required

For seasoning: Mustard seeds, urad dhal and oil.

How to make it:

Pressure cook moong dhal and masoor dhal with little turmeric powder. Heat oil in a pan, add onions and fry until golden brown. Now add the green tomatoes and green chillies and cook until tomatoes become soft. Add the cooked dhal, coconut, salt and curry leaves and cook for 2-3 minutes. Do the seasoning with mustard seeds and urad dhal. Serve hot. Goes well with rotis and parathas.

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8 Responses
  1. Laavanya Says:

    I've not cooked with green tomatoes before. Looks lovely.

  2. Rajitha Says:

    even good with dosai anu..yummy :)

  3. Sagari Says:

    thats a lovely recipeee very new to meee thanks for sharing

  4. DEEPA Says:

    my mom cooks with green tomatoes ..I have never made them ..will try it out soon

  5. AnuSriram Says:

    Lavanya, Try it ... you'll love it.
    Rajitha, Will try with dosai soon... thanks for the tip
    Sagari, Go for green tomatoes... hmmm...
    Deepa, Try this recipe and don't forget to give me your feedback.

  6. EC Says:

    WE make it too...thanks for sharing

  7. Namratha Says:

    Wow, Indian food with Tomatillos, now that's what I'm looking for...I have a can of it lying around. I've used Tomatillos only for Mexican sauces and salsa.

  8. Sujaa Sriram Says:

    Great recipe yar...

    Great Collections yar.... Good Learning spot for my creations dear...

    please do follow my blog and post your valuable comments...

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