Yesterday, It was a thrilling match between New York Giants and Green Bay Packers. Giants had a wonderful victory over Packers. Though, it was so disappointing when Tynes could not make two of the field goal attempts, he bought a winning celebration to the Giants in OT by attempting a 47-yard field goal. The Super bowl XLII is to be played by New York Giants and New England Patriots in Arizona on Feb 3rd 2008.

It was a lazy evening and i sat before the TV watching NFL and the Australian Open Tennis. I don't want to miss all these matches going on.... also did not want to cook at home. Its a better choice to stock up food before the match begins or take a very less time cooking or just order some pizza's from store.

Whats for munching during the match? Obviously, its some chips and salsa. But too much of chips is not good and it adds lotta carbs. I don't want to spend much time in the kitchen baking or frying a snack item. Whats for snack then? Got an idea! my easy Puffed Rice Snack recipe will make a good treat. The best part about that recipe is... it takes just few minutes to make this healthy, tasty evening snack. I am sending this recipe to Mansi of Fun and Food for "Game Night Party" event. Recipe can be accessed here.

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10 Responses
  1. Mansi Says:

    Thanks Anu! that looks awesome and just perfect!:)

  2. Sagari Says:

    puffed rice snack yummmmmmmmmm I cannot stop eating those once I start.
    I love your garlic pickle a lot looks so spicy and yummy

  3. FH Says:

    Who cares about Carb when you are watching Super Bowl, looks great!:))

  4. Namratha Says:

    Hmm, perfect snack for GameNight..Patriots and Giants eh, now that is sure to be a game worth the watch. I saw last night's game too..was fun!

  5. Manju Says:

    hmm..looks like an easy bhel puri.. :) perfect for a game night party!!

  6. Rajitha Says:

    i love puffed rice snack..

  7. Thanu Says:

    Hey looks so tempting. I am sure everybody loves it :)

  8. Sia Says:

    one of my friend would get big box of madakki as it is called in kannada to hostel and it was the best snack for our during exam night outs:)
    thanks anu for leaving a comment in my blog and leading to urs.

  9. EC Says:

    Lovely...quick and tasty

  10. AnuSriram Says:

    Thanks Mansi...
    Sagari, Try this too...
    Asha, I have to sometimes...
    Namratha, so, whom do u support?

    Superchef, yes its a little variation to bhel puri..
    Thanks much thanu and rajitha for leaving your comments..

    Sia, Those are wonderful memories.. school and college days will always have special, unforgettable memories ...
    Easy carfts, Yes it is..
    Thank u all for your comments.