• Raw Rice - 1 cup
  • Light brown sugar or jaggery - 1 cup (or 3/4 cup for dark brown sugar)
  • Banana - 1
  • Coconut - 1/2 cup shredded
  • Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
  • Ghee - as required
How to make it:

Soak rice for about 1 1/2 hours with enough water. Drain the water. Grind rice, brown sugar, banana, coconut and cardamom powder with very little water in a blender until smooth. It should be in the consistency of thick dosa batter. Heat kuzhi-appam pan on medium heat. Pour a teaspoon of ghee and pour the batter until full. Cook for 2 minutes. Turn to the other side carefully, add more ghee if required and cook until done.

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21 Responses
  1. Finla Says:

    I love neiappom. It is ages ago i had them. Wish i had few of them.

  2. indosungod Says:

    I have only tried paniyarams, the spicy kind. I am sure the kids would love the taste of this nei appam, looks beautiful too.

  3. FH Says:

    Little idlis of Heaven, looks delectable! :))

  4. drooling..u took me to good old days Anu..:)..ours used to bit more brown..but nyhow this looks heaven to me now..:)

  5. Vibaas Says:

    Love it. looks soooo yummy. It's ghee that is stopping me from making it :)

  6. I love nei appams, nice color and they look so yummy :)

  7. This one is my hubby's favo Anu but I prepared this long time ago..You have reminded me now..Tx dear..

  8. Archy Says:

    Appam looks so gud an nice!! My mom used to mske it, i lovr it.. Shall i have some Anu ?? I dont have the vessel :( !!

  9. vidhas Says:

    Very yummy nei appam Anu.

  10. Cham Says:

    When i was kid i tasted looks tasty

  11. Looks wonderful and its too tempting.Its been ages that i had this.yummy!

  12. Nei appam looks delicious Anu.drooling....

  13. these look exactly like maalpuas...u can check my dec '08 posts...(if u wish tht is),ppl kept telling me they are reminded of i know what an appam looks like..;p

  14. i m drooling here.... tempting one pls pls send atleast few darling.

  15. Raks Says:

    My favorite! Carving for some now!

  16. Swapna Says:

    Looks delicious & mouth watering dish. Will try soon:)

  17. AnuSriram Says:

    Thankyou all for your lovely comments...

  18. Laavanya Says:

    I make these very similarly too - yummy and ready in no time. Yours have the perfect colour.

  19. Thanks for coming to my blog.
    I saw your new recipe.