Here is the round-up of my First Event "Refreshing drinks for Summer - RD for Summer". Here is the final round-up in the order i received. Pls, lemme know if any of the entries are missing/Broken links, if any.

Thank you all for sending these entries. They are really refreshing! Don't forget to bookmark this page. This sure helps keep the body fresh and hydrated in this scorching heat. Use sunscreen (With SPF more than 15) to protect the skin! Enjoy your summer!
  1. Mango lassi by Priya Sriram
  2. Pomegranate Smoothie by Sripriya Vidhyashankar
  3. Mango Lassi by Sripriya Vidhyashankar
  4. Strawberry Smoothie by Sripriya Vidhyashankar
  5. Banana-honey smoothie by Sanghi
  6. Papaya milkshake by Vineela shiva
  7. Fruit Punch by Srilakshmi
  8. Chocolate Milk Shake by Sanghi
  9. Carrot Juice by Sanghi
  10. Panha by Preeti
  11. Strawberry Milkshake by Pooja
  12. Water melon juice by Rekha
  13. Green tea cooler by Asha
  14. Breakfast smoothie by Divya vikram
  15. Blackberry smoothie by Divya Vikram
  16. Mango Lassi by Divya Vikram
  17. Tangy Panaka by Divya Vikram
  18. Tomato Juice by Mahimaa
  19. Aam Khand by Ramya Vijayakumar
  20. Water melon cooler by Vidya Venky
  21. Grape Juice by Vidya Venky
  22. Honey, Lime and Mint Iced Tea by Malini
  23. Pina Colada Smoothie by Malini
  24. Aam Pora Shorbot by Malini
  25. Thandai by Malini
  26. Grape Juice by Malini
  27. Nannari Sherbet by Madhumathi
  28. Dry Fruits Lassi by Priya Narasimhan
  29. Mango Yogurt Smoothie by Valarmathi
  30. Lemon Juice by Vidhas
  31. Mango and Chikku Milkshake by Vidhas
  32. Spicy Buttermilk by Preeti
  33. Lassi by Vidya Venky
  34. Gap Mocktail by Vidya Venky
  35. Strawberry Smoothie by Vidya
  36. Strawberry Lassi by Vidya
  37. Dates and Almonds Milkshake by Vidya
  38. Strawberry Milkshake by Vidya
  39. Triple Twist by Rekha
  40. Strawberry Smoothie by Vishali
  41. Carrot Juice by Vidya Venky
  42. Watermelon Juice by Vidhya Iyer
  43. Bonda Juice by Prathibha
  44. Fruity Yogurt by PJ
  45. Spinach Juice by Ujwala Mohan
  46. Cucumber cooler by Shama Nagarajan
  47. Carrot-Orange Juice by Vidhas
  48. Neer Moar (Buttermilk) by Vidhas
  49. Cocoa Milk Shake by Vidhas
  50. Musk melon Juice by Vidhas
  51. Banana Cashew Milk Shake by Vidhas
  52. Pomegranate sweet lime juice by Vidhas
  53. Mix Fruit Juice by Vidhas
  54. Lemon Juice by Vidhas
  55. Watermelon and Avacado Milkshake by Priyasuresh
  56. Orange Ginger lemonade by Priyasuresh
  57. Strawberry and banana shake by Priyasuresh
  58. Strawberry Soup by Priyasuresh
  59. Grape juice by Priya Sriram
  60. Mango Shake by Prajusha
  61. Rose Milk by Vidya Venky
  62. Cha Ma-Naw (Lime iced tea) by Uma
  63. Chocolate Banana Delight by Uma
  64. Double- Trouble Shake by Uma
  65. Fruity Curdy Shake by Uma
  66. Strawberry Lemonade by Uma
  67. Watermelon-Strawberry lassi by Indrani
  68. Strawberry Lassi by Prathibha
  69. Watermelon Cooler by Prathibha
  70. Trio Delight by Sripriya vidhyashankar
  71. Watermelon Cooler by Malini
  72. Chocolate drink by Vidya Venky
  73. Rose Milk by Vidya Venky
  74. Strawberry Smoothie by Vineela siva
  75. Mixed Fruit Smoothie by Ramya Bala
  76. KokMok by Preeti
  77. Cucumber watermelon cooler by Usha Rao
  78. Mango Cranberry Smoothie by Notyet100
  79. Aam Panna by Vidhas
  80. Iced Green tea by Vidya Venky
  81. Strawberry Milkshake by Dharani Jagadeesh
  82. Rose sharbath by Vidya Venky
  83. Mango Juice by Anu
  84. Green grapes Juice by Anu
  85. Mango Bubble tea by Laavanya
  86. Alphonso Milk Shake by Navita
  87. Dried roselle Iced tea by Aquadaze
  88. Strawberry Banana Milkshake by AnuSriram
  89. Cantaloupe Smoothie by AnuSriram
  90. Almond-carrot kheer by AnuSriram

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22 Responses
  1. Priya Suresh Says:

    Prefect and neat roundup need to try all these drinks for this summer..

  2. Anu Says:

    Wow... 90 entries!!! super round up :) Nice to see so many refreshing drinks.. gonna try out few drinks this summer!

  3. Manju Says:

    thats a whole lot of summer coolers..n there are 90 of them so i can make one each every day to last all three months :)

  4. Wow so many yummy drinks, great job Anu :)

  5. Kalai Says:

    Wow! This round up should last me all summer! Amazing job... :)

  6. wow. so many drinks!! ideal to try this summer. good job anu.

  7. wow 90 drinks under one link...Ncie round up ANu..Perfect for summers...

  8. Awesome round up Anu..great job..:)

  9. Pooja Says:

    so many refreshing drinks :)..Nice roundup..

  10. Azam Mansha Says:

    Green tea is the wonder drink of the millennium; it not only has a wonderful flavor but the health benefits of the drink are so extensive that every day they are finding new reasons to drink green tea instead of coffee. Fresh green tea is the best to use because it has the greatest health benefits. Green tea has been used by steeping the leaves in boiling water as far back as 5,000,000 years ago, in India and China.

  11. Parita Says:

    OMG thats wonderful roundup..this is surely onestop for refreshing drinks :)

  12. Suparna Says:

    hi anu,
    Wonderful neat round up! unbelievable entreis's been a mega hit event for u!!! am glad :)
    Keep rocking

  13. nice event dear...truly refreshing drinks.......

  14. VineelaSiva Says:

    Oh my god 90 entries whole summer is a event for everyday we can prepare one refreshing drink.Good job.

  15. VIDYA VENKY Says:

    lovely round up anu gr8 job

  16. Uma Says:

    Great roundup Anu! Well done :)

  17. FH Says:

    Lovely round up, thanks Anu!

    Yeah, loved the trip although it was pretty hard to take the traffic and all, but it was enjoyable to see friends and family. See you in Fall, have a great Summer!:)

  18. miss v Says:

    that's quite a list! awesome that you put that together for everyone!

  19. Laavanya Says:

    oh wow.. how many cooling drinks - thanks for this collection!

  20. Great Round up. Good job.

  21. vidhas Says:

    Nice round up Anu.

  22. Tony Payne Says:

    Wow this is a fantastic collection of ideas for refreshing summertime drinks. I especially like the sound of Orange Ginger Lemonade.

    My favourite summer drink is Iced Green Tea With Fresh Lime which I hope you might be able to add to the list.

    I enjoyed this post and like the blog. I have added it to my blogroll so I can keep coming back.