This garland is made out of paper flowers. The flowers are made with those tissue sheets used for stuffing tote bags and gift boxes. Make your decorations colourful with this garland during the festive seasons.

Things u need:
  • Tissue sheets - (I have chosen 3 colours- red, yellow and white for my flowers and dark green for my leaves. I made 8 flowers out of one sheet (20" * 26"). Choose the colours as per your choice.)
  • Thick thread
  • Scissors
  • Needle

How to make the Flowers:

Cut the tissue sheet into strips of length at least 2.5". Mine was 2.5" * 26" (shown in picture).

Fold it into two and cut top side of the paper like the end of the flower petals.

On the other side, crush the paper and roll it in such a way that the starting point becomes center of the flower as shown in picture.

Tie it with a thick piece of thread and cut the extra thread.

Similarly make as many colourful flowers as you like.

How to make the Leaves:

Cut green tissue sheets of size 2.5" * 13".

Fold it like a fan and cut the shape of the leaf on both the sides as shown in picture. Twist the paper with center point in the place and make it as a round shape as shown in picture.

How to make the Garland:

Take a thick thread and insert one end into a needle. Do not cut the other end of the thread from the bundle until you complete the garland.

First insert a leaf into the needle then a flower and again a leaf.

Be careful with your order of colours. Make sure u have inserted leaves between flowers. After completing you can add small bells, beads or any other decorative piece at the bottom of the garland.

Make your celebrations grand and colourful with these easy to make paper flower garland!

Hope you liked it!

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    These flowers look wonderful. You are so creative :).

  2. AnuSriram Says:

    Thank you shilpa for your valuable comments.

  3. Mansi Says:

    Hey Anu, these garlands would be cool ideas for decorations during poojas and festivals! nice one:)

  4. Rajitha Says:

    how pretty where were u when i had all these assignements in school for SUPW ;)

  5. Payal Dubeyy Says:

    For this festival season this special artificial flowers garland pooja haar mala is availabegarlands for decoration. You can esaily buy this.