An apron is used to protect clothes while cooking in the kitchen and also for hygienic reasons. My apron comes with a convenient hand towel holder so never you need to search for tissues and towels to wipe your hand while cooking.

Things u need:

  • A cotton cloth of measurement 20*28 inches.
  • Matching cotton lace
  • Measuring tape
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Washable Markers
  • Sewing machine

How to take measurements:


Height = 28 inches

Width = 20 inches


Neck lace = 22 inches (marked as N1-N2)

Back lace = 16 inches * 2 pieces (marked as B1 and B2)

NOTE: N1-N2 is single piece and B1 and B2 are separate pieces.

As shown in the picture, mark the measurements with a washable marker. That 10+2 inches on top means 10 inches is the measurement and +1 inch on each side is to fold and stitch. similarly, 11 inches along height is the measurement and 11-1=10 inches is the point to cut, fold and stitch. Cut along the dotted lines as shown in picture.The piece marked "A" is for making hand towel
holder that is to be attached in the body of the apron (marked as "A" in the picture). cut it like
a rectangle, fold it into three (length wise) and stitch on all the ends.

How to stitch:

I don't have a sewing machine, but one of my close friend has got one. The sewing machine is weightless and electrically powered so, the concept of stitching is so easy that anybody could do it. It took me only few minutes to complete my apron. After marking all measurements, carefully cut along the dotted lines, fold and stitch all the sides with a sewing machine. Attach the neck lace N1 (one end) on one side and N2 (other end) on other side. Attach back lace B1 on one side and other lace B2 on other side as shown in picture. Attach the piece "A" in the place marked in the apron or the place where you will feel comfortable of having a hand towel. I have even kept a small tag at the side suitable for hanging the apron in my kitchen.

NOTE: Single stitch is not enough and will come out easily so make it with double stitches. Alter measurements as per your fit.

U can customize your apron with your name painted, or embroidered. Its a great gift idea with the person's name imprinted on it. Give this as a gift and show how much u care for them.

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  1. FH Says:

    WOW! It looks fabulous!!

    Loved the samosas too.Thanks.

  2. AnuSriram Says:

    thanks asha for visiting my blog and your valuable comments....

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You are so talented. I loved your paintings too. Keep it up.