This is a quick and yummy dessert for the summer ahead! I made this just because i had a can of mango pulp that i bought sometime back, sitting in the pantry! I never thought i'll blog about this recipe when i made it. It came out really fantastic with a wonderful aroma of mango, cardamom and saffron blended together. And, i could not stop writing about this.. :) Oops! It started melting before i got ready with my camera to make few clicks :D

Here is the recipe...

  • Evaporated milk - 1 can
  • Mango pulp - 1 1/2 cups
  • Powdered Sugar - as required
  • Kesar (Saffron) - to garnish
  • Almonds - few chopped
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
How to make it:

Mix evaporated milk, mango pulp, powdered sugar and cardamom powder and blend for a minute until creamy. Add almonds and saffron, mix well. Pour onto a bowl and freeze for at least 3-4 hours until set. Before serving, dip the bowl in hot water for few seconds, take it out and invert on a plate. Cut into slices and serve!

I'm sending this to Priti for her event FF: Summer treat

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42 Responses
  1. Finla Says:

    Beautiful and delicous.

  2. Parita Says:

    Wow thats delicious..lovely blend of flavors and so simple..:)

  3. anudivya Says:

    I have seen this recipe before using condensed milk, but I like the concept of just using evaporated milk, and I probably could use the non fat one at that. I have plenty of those cans at home.
    Nice click.

  4. Ashwini Says:

    looks delicious and simple.

  5. indosungod Says:

    Deliciously simple recipe. Looks great.

  6. ARUNA Says:

    delicious n gorgeous......even i made this sometime back!!!!!

  7. Pooja Says:

    I make this with condensed milk anu..Looking delicious and lovely..

  8. Manju Says:

    mmm..yummy yumm!! perfect for indian summers!

  9. Cynthia Says:

    Interesting that you put a couple strands of saffron in your ice cream. Love the colour.

  10. Wow..mago flavor is ma favvv Anu..lovely look f it..:)

  11. Priya Suresh Says:

    Thats a genius idea of making icecream with evaporated milk, looks gorgeous Anu!

  12. beautiful and looking so yummy.. nice color perfect for mango season

  13. Vishali Says:

    thats one yum icecream the color and wld love to have it rt now.

  14. Vrinda Says:

    wow....that looks so delicious..

  15. Unknown Says:

    wow.. nice colour.. great click.. nice entry..

  16. It looks so delicious Anu...easy to make too. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe :)

  17. looks very tempting, very quick to make and a yummy dessert..

  18. drooling ! I love mangoes, have to try it...

  19. Lovely icecream, perfect for this summer..

  20. Cham Says:

    Love the way it is so simple and we can do with skinned evaporated milk!

  21. Indian Khana Says:

    Looks absolute yum...nice colour and thanks for the yummy entry :)

  22. lissie Says:

    Anu, your ice cream looks yummy! very good recipe...

  23. Recipeswap Says:

    If I was in your place I would have finished it even before I got a chance to take a pic.Good click.

  24. Yummy ice cream. Looks delicious.

  25. A_and_N Says:

    If you say Kesar, I'm right there licking my lips :D

  26. Lavanya Says:

    looks wonderful...want to have some :)

  27. Uma Says:

    just toooooo tempting :)

  28. gtyuk Says:

    MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm drroling over it, delicious !

  29. luckysanjana Says:

    i like the addition of kesar to mango must try it sometime but the plate that is a really pretty one

  30. Finla Says:

    Annu about the comment in my place, try the bo knead peasant bread which i posted as it is so easy to make, you just have to mix everything, keep in the fridge after 2 hours and then take out next day, shape them and bake.
    Can't get easier than that.
    Try it as no kneeding there .

  31. Suparna Says:

    Hi Anu,
    I was actually going through ur recipes at peace for quite a while now :) it's a nice read and presentation, I love the look of ur blog...I would repeat myself a number of times more probably :)
    newyas belated Anniversary wishes to u both!:)the cake looked just so tempting and befitting the occassion.
    Same pinch on the Mango kulfi as I too made it recently, urs looks so adorable.
    C u often dearie :)

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Anu
    blog hopped from somewhere. I am someone who can eat ice cream even for bfast and this recipe just makes me want to grab that plate and hog right now.I will defntly try this out cos it seems pretty simple

  33. Anu Says:

    Hey Anu, Ice cream looks so delicious. Guess wat...? I too tried mango ice cream and just now posted the same in my blog :D

    I had used condensed milk... evaporated milk is also a nice idea! Kesar tastes gud with mangoes, i add it for mango juices too :)

    I am in all smiles now...y?? last time u posted puli pongal and i posted pulikachal... now both have posted ice creams... same pinch!

  34. Laavanya Says:

    Oh that looks awesome.. i've made this before too and blogged as well. So easy & tasty.

  35. nice recipe and a different one. looks great.

  36. mango icecream is delicious.

  37. ST Says:

    Ice cream looks Yummilicious and divine...

  38. veena Says:

    wow ...delicious ice cream...

  39. Vibaas Says:

    that's way too tempting :)

  40. Mangala Bhat Says:

    wow! anu ..nice recipes ...soo simple yet delicous ..hey ..Thanks for ur comment 2 my blog keep visitng :)

  41. Lakshmi Says:

    oh man...I am all drooling at the sight of that ice cream..slurrp!