As a part of the Foodbuzz taste maker programme, Foodbuzz and Buitoni sent me a Coupon good for one "Buitoni Frozen Meal for Two". Being a vegetarian I wasn't sure if Buitoni has any vegetarian options. I went to the store and looked in the frozen foods aisle and to my surprise, i found something Vegetarian - "Four Cheese and Spinach Ravioli with Tomato Basil Sauce". As usual, checked for the ingredients and bought home. The next day being Father's day, my son made a cute photo collage for his dad and asked my help to prepare something special to celebrate the day!

So, i made these raviolis that day and believe me.... it did not taste like Frozen Food!! They were so soft, well cooked in less time and was tasting gr8! It was so convenient and easy to prepare in less time and most of all made the dinner complete! Awesome, Isn't it??

Raviolis are the kind that i never make at home, but would love to eat at restaurants! I have tried other Store bought Frozen Raviolis before and none tasted good like the one we get in restaurants!

This Buitoni box had not just the raviolis but also a pouch (yes!, a food-safe plastic pouch) of yummy tomato-basil sauce to go with the raviolis. So, it is zero preparation time and just about 10 minutes of cooking time. I baked some store bought veggie nuggets to go along with this ravioli. And, i was so happy.... i had less time cooking and more time to spend with family and so my Son!
I cooked the raviolis as per the package instructions and tossed them with the sauce. (Next time shopping, i gotta look for this tomato basil sauce from Buitoni if it is available in a jar.... the taste was awesome!)

Next, gotta try Buitoni's Five Cheese Cannelloni with Tomato Basil Sauce!!
These definitely make a quick, easy and tasty meal!

Would be nice if they can introduce more Vegetarian options in Lasagna and other pasta varieties!!

Thank you Foodbuzz and Buitoni for giving me a wonderful opportunity trying this Buitoni product! Love it!

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6 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    Anu, that looks delish. I love raviolis and of course being vegetarian, that is my choice too spinach and cheese. I will have to try this one out from frozen section :)

  2. Priya Suresh Says:

    Delicious ravioli looks tempting and yumm!

  3. lata raja Says:

    That is so lovely of your boy!
    I have never tasted ravolis, but your dish looks yum!

  4. Indian Khana Says:

    Looks yum Anu...that's real nice...

  5. Well raviolis my fav too...ur pic looks yumm...wonder whether we get tis brand here...

  6. miss v Says:

    totally inspired to make some homemade ones with a vegan ricotta! yum!