Making flowers... For those who think making flowers is not so easy... Here it is! A step by step instruction for making a lovely Rose flower with fabric. I'm sending this craft idea for Illatharasi's Flowers with Fabric- November event.

Materials Required:
  • Organdy cloth - red colour
  • Metal string for stems
  • Green sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Thread (green or red colour)
  • Artificial leaves

How to make it:

Cut some square bits out of the cloth (approx 2 in * 2 in) for making petals. Use little more for bigger flowers. Follow the direction in fig. A, fig. B and fig. C for making the petals.

Keep one petal without folding for making the center bud. Now take the string and cut the required length. Fold one end of the string as shown in fig. D. Using the reserved square bit, cover the top of the string completely and tie with a thread.

Now take the petals and arrange one by one surrounding the center bud, tying with the thread as in fig. F. Usually the rose is made with 7 or 9 petals. Roll the green sticky tape over the metal string as in fig. G and attach the leaves. For the bud, Take some cloth and roll around the top of the string 2 or 3 times and tie it with a thread as in fig. E. The rose flower is now ready to decorate any place.

Holiday Tips and Ideas:

  • Make it as a bouquet for your loved ones.
  • Make a bunch of them to go in a flower vase.
  • Make some buds in round shape and tie them together. This definitely will look like cherries with those artificial cherry leaves and makes a perfect holiday decoration.

Again Chandrabhaga is flooded with awards.
Vidhas has passed me this Great Buddy Award and 360 degrees Foodie Award. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I feel honoured and great!

Vidhas and Jaishree passed me this Kreative blogger award. That's really wonderful! Thank you so much!

I would like to pass on these awards to asha, sripriya, kalai, happy cook and RAKS kitchen.
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20 Responses
  1. Usha Says:

    Congrats on all your awards, the rose flower looks so lovely and pretty ....

  2. Unknown Says:

    wow.. You are really Talent Anu... looks cute & pretty... Congrats on ur awards & thxs for passing me...

  3. Illatharasi Says:

    Wonderful Anu:) love those cute roses. Will try your way soon, thanks for participating and those step-by-step instructions.

  4. Uma Says:

    Wow, those roses look so pretty! Nice work! Congrats on your awards.

  5. Finla Says:

    Congrats with all the lovely awards. Beautiful rose, my sis in India too make this.

  6. Laavanya Says:

    The first set of lacey, pastel coloured flowers are very pretty but the rose is just stunning and too perfect. Hats off Anu.
    Congrats on your awards.

  7. Laavanya Says:

    Sorry, i just realized that the first picture is the logo for the event - oops! *sheepish grin*

  8. anudivya Says:

    Very nice and interesting... I need to try my hands on some crafts again...
    You are very talented!

  9. Unknown Says:

    Check my site.. spl treat is there.

  10. DK Says:

    I love arts and crafts and do a little bit on my own too....I was not aware that there is an event going on about the same too! How inspiring! I will do a post on it too probably some time.

    Congrats on all your awards :)

  11. Raks Says:

    Wow,that rose looks so cute and perfectly done!
    Thankyou somuch for thinking about me Anu!

  12. Collect your award from my blog.

  13. Wow!Nice work Anu! Congrats on all your awards..

  14. wonderful and pretty roses dear. very nicely presented the way in step by step.

    I should give something for u for these beautiful work. Ok come and collect those even though u already got.... check my - ITS A REFRESHING TIME pst dear.

  15. vidhas Says:

    Awesome job Anu. Your step by step Instructions are too good. Nice entry for the contest.

  16. Flowers looks awesome. Your blog is so cool... Will keep visiting.

  17. Zafran ali Says:

    wonderful and pretty roses dear. very nicely presented the way in step by step.
    Ithaca flower delivery

  18. Unknown Says:

    Nice roses, they look very beautiful indeed. Congrats on the award Anu.