An easy, crispy, crunchy and spicy evening snack with home made croutons.

  • Bread slices: 6
  • Butter: 4 tbsp
  • Dried Parsley: 1 tbsp
  • Garlic paste: 1 tsp
  • Onion: 1 chopped
  • Green peppers: 1 cup chopped
  • Corriander leaves: 1/4 cup chopped
  • Ginger: 1 tsp shredded
  • Garam masala: if preferred
  • Oil: 2 tbsp
  • Crushed red pepper or green chillies: as per taste
  • Salt: as required

How to make it:

Mix softened butter, garlic paste and dried parsley in a small bowl. Spread the butter on the bread slices evenly. Now cut the bread into small cubes with a scissors and bake it at 300 degrees until it turns light brown. In a pan, heat oil and fry the onions until golden brown. Then add green peppers and fry until the peppers are half done. Add the corriander leaves, Ginger, crushed red hot pepper or green chillies and salt. Add little garam masala if preferred. Add the croutons and mix it well. I kept some of the croutons without mixing with the veggies just to eat it as such. I arranged it in a cabbage bowl and decorated it with some shredded carrots. To my surprise, just the bowl is left out! It tasted so good that we all loved it, especially My kid !

I'm sending this recipe to Pallavi for her event Sunday Snacks- Fix it

Also I'm sending in my Eggless Carrot cake recipe for JFI: Carrots hosted by The cooker.
Click here for the Recipe.

I'm very glad to announce my garland of awards from my friends cum fellow bloggers.

Sireesha of Momrecipies and Kitchen Flavours has passed me these beautiful awards.. Thank you friends, i feel honoured.

Sireesha, Kitchen Flavours and Vidhas made me happy with this "Inspiration Award". Thank you so much... Feeling gr8!

Also sireesha has sent me this "Hard working food blogger" award. Thanks a bunch! I think, Who ever has a food blog deserve this award as it is not so easy to blog regularly with our household work, kid(s), etc., etc.,

I would like to pass all of these awards to Kalai, Sripriya, Happy cook, Vanamala, Laavanya, Vidhas and Jayshree. Congrats!

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  1. Usha Says:

    Congrats on all your awards, the croutons look crunchy and perfect...

  2. Unknown Says:

    Congrats on all your awards,!!!Thank you for thinking of me for the awards ...
    looks delicious...nice click...thxs for sharing...

  3. Finla Says:

    Congrats to all those awards and thankyou so much for passing to me also, you are so genourous.

  4. Unknown Says:

    Congrats on ur awards..that is a nice and healthy snack..

  5. Kalai Says:

    Delicious pic!! Congratulations on all of your awards, Anu! I am so flattered and excited that you've passed them on to me. Thank you so much, dear!! :)

  6. ST Says:

    The croutons look crunchy and perfect...

  7. vidhas Says:

    Congrats on all your awards. Wishing you to get more and more in future. Thanks for sharing with me dear, I am so happy to see firt thing in the morning. you have made my day with surprise.

    The croutons looks yummy and wonderful click.

  8. TheCooker Says:

    Congrats, for all these awards.
    The recipe for the eggless carrot cake goes directly to my 'must try' folder.
    Thanks for the entry.

  9. looks delicious and nice pics.
    congratulations on ur awards.

  10. croutons looks delicious..Congrats on all your awards,!!!Thank you for thinking of me for the awards ... Thank you so much, Anu:)

  11. Srikitchen Says:

    Join in the Sweet Event going in my blog!

  12. Srikitchen Says:

    Join in the Sweet Event going in my blog!

  13. Congrats for all yr awards and yr croutons.. perfect and lovely snacks.

  14. Hi Anu,Small surprise is waiting for u in my blog.collect it from my blog...

  15. vidhas Says:

    Anu there is something waiting for you dear come come soon!!!

  16. Raks Says:

    Cool recipe and congrats on ur awards!

  17. Thank you Anu..well nice snack,

  18. Laavanya Says:

    The croutons look fabulous & flavorful... no wonder nothing was left...
    Congratulations on all your awards and thank you for passing to me as well.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Anu!
    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!
    Indian people are the best at preparing and creating vegetarian food!I'm not vegetarian, but I love it, especially eating it with my cricket friends in Shizuoka (yes, we play cricket in Japan!).
    I actually sometimes cook such food for my Indian Cricket friends (I'm French) and they went as far as to ask me about the way I was going about it! LOL
    Take good care of yourself!
    Looking forward to visiting again!