Hooray! Spring is here! Can feel the warmth in the air and see the plants and trees smiling with colours. But, before we could realise it is spring, it becomes a hot summer day!

So, for the summer ahead, I'm pleased to announce the first ever event hosted @ chandrabhaga. The theme being "Refreshing Drinks" to welcome the season. The days are long and so, its time for shopping sprees, vacation planning, make sand castles, and for those who were staying home lazy all through the winter unlike me, its time to get fit and toned. Its a pleasant time now and with the summer ahead, i wanted you all to pour the refreshing drinks, to keep us well hydrated.

You can send entries in any of the categories below.

  • Fresh Juices (prepared by tossing one or more of the combination of fresh fruits and even some vegetables in a blender or a juicer, a zero cooking process).
  • Smoothie (a thick beverage, made with a combination of fruits, crushed ice and frozen yogurt).
  • Milkshake (a beverage made of milk, ice cream, fresh or flavoured syrup and blended or whipped until foamy, served in a tall glass topped with whip cream or a scoop of ice cream.)
It would be really refreshing if it is made with those fresh fruits available for the season. Do not use preserved ones just to make them more natural. Health conscious ??? Substitute soy milk, Herbs, Green tea or nutritional supplements if you feel smoothies have a high calorific value added up due to the sugar content from fruits, yogurt and natural sweeteners.

Rules for the event:
  • Make any of the drink specified above and post it in your blog between the time of announcement until April 30, 2009 and link back to the event.
  • If you want to send an entry that is already been posted, do re-post it with a link back to the announcement.
  • No limits. You can send in as many entries as you wish.
  • E-mail your entries to events(dot)oup(at)Gmail(dot)com ( with "RD FOR SUMMER" as the subject and with the following details:
    • Your Name
    • Name of your blog
    • URL of the post
    • A photo (any size) of your entry
  • Non-bloggers are welcome. Just send in the details of the entry with a picture.
  • Use logo in your post ( not a must, though).
The round-up will be just in time for the summer. Looking for your entries to fill my inbox :)
Have a great day!

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31 Responses
  1. Trupti Says:

    lovely event Anu. New blog template looks nice

  2. FH Says:

    I am dreading 100F heat of Summer too but let's get the temp up to 70F right now, will be glad to see that this weekend! :D

    Great event, will see if I can whip up one for ya.

  3. Indian Khana Says:

    Nice event Anu...will try something :)

  4. Finla Says:

    Well if i make a shake i am sure gonnasend them to you.

  5. SOunds very intresting Anu, If I am making any drink, I will definitely send it :)

  6. Priya Suresh Says:

    Great theme Anu..will send something!

  7. Priya Sriram Says:

    Awesome and apt theme for the event Anu! Good luck hosting! :)

  8. Vishali Says:

    wow nice event....will try to send something :). I shld also do some event never hosted one :D.

  9. Laavanya Says:

    I still haven't started drinking cool drinks yet but will see if I can send something your way. Lovely idea for your first event and all the best for your R&D.

  10. Cham Says:

    Drink, i will send something to u!

  11. Pooja Says:

    Wonderful event anu..will try to send you something..

  12. Manju Says:

    nice event ...will try and send in something..

  13. Usha Says:

    Nice event, will try and send something over for it !

  14. I have some old entrees I guess..will send u Anu..Happy hosting..:)

  15. Anu Says:

    Refreshing chill event :D. Will surely participate.

  16. Ashwini Says:

    Nice event..Will send in something

  17. Vibaas Says:

    i am in :-)

    Hey btw, why only fruits? some veggie smoothies are refreshing too :) can we send them too?

  18. Sujatha Says:

    I just made a smoothie yesterday and was planning to post it soon.. perfect timing.. will soon send it for your event.. :)

  19. suvi Says:

    Cool...will send something soon :)

  20. Chutneytales Says:

    Wonderful event..Will send my entry soon :)

  21. VIDYA VENKY Says:

    excellent event anu..can expect lots of entries from me..

  22. Priya Sriram Says:

    Have sent you my entry Anu.. Please confirm the receipt of the same! :)

  23. vidhas Says:

    congrats on your first event Anu, It is hot in chennai,happy to particiapte.

  24. FH Says:

    I just made Iced Tea with some other stuff too, very refreshing Summery drink. Should I send it in for you? I am not planning to make any other fruit juice right now, too many events to catch up!:)

  25. jayasree Says:

    Good luck with your first event. Enjoy hosting.

    The new template looks super cool.

  26. Hi Anu,
    Came to know of your event through Sanghi.I have sent my entry through check out..
    all the best to successfully host your first event.

  27. Vidhya Says:

    Really refreshing event Anu. I am sending one... template looks neat.

  28. prajusha Says:

    Nice event..hoep u got my entry!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    sent you my entry

  30. Anu Says:


    I have mailed my entries to this event :) Hope u got them...